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Passenger Safety Briefing for Flying Balloon in Luxor, Egypt

The safety of ballooning depends on the things we do to make it safe

* There is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere near the balloon or vehicles.

* Always follow the instructions of the crew chief and /or pilot.

* The Egyptian Civil Aviation Regulations apply to balloons just as to any other aircraft.

* In the interests of your own and others safety, you must be aware that you should be able to enter and leave the balloon basket with sides of approx. 1.5 meter without help in case there is an emergency. The pilot may refuse to fly any passengers who are unable to do so. He may also refuse to fly those who are under the influence or alcohol or drugs and show socially unacceptable behavior.

* If you have any existing medical condition which may show itself during the flight and affect your safety or the safety of others, for example epilepsy, asthma, or heart problems, please advise the company at the time of booking in writing or always before the flight takes place. Depending on the severity of the condition it may still be possible for you to fly. Remember you will be standing for approx. 1 hour without a restroom.

Note the above conditions are not extensive or inclusive and are for example only.

* It is important to remember that your safety largely depends on you. The pilot will give a pre flight safety briefing.

* Please listen very carefully and if you do not understand tell the pilot before you get in the basket.

* You must follow the pilot's instructions quickly and calmly.

* When you are asked to enter the basket, quickly use the step hole in the side of the basket, Slide one leg over the top of the basket and sit on the edge. Then slide the other leg over the top and ease yourself down to the floor of the basket. DO NOT TOUCH any hoses, valves, instruments, lines, or ropes at this time or during the flight unless the pilot asks you to do so.

* During the flight, you may ask questions of the pilot, but he will not answer when he is busy and long conversations should be avoided.

* Shortly before landing, you will be asked to show your camera to prevent injury and to face away from the direction of travel. Take hold of two rope handles in front of you and be prepared to bend your knees to absorb the shock of landing. Do not sit on the floor. This is particularly important if the balloon is descending quickly. Sometimes the basket may touch the ground, tip over, lift off the ground again, swing back and forth, and then repeat the sequence more than once. You need to HOLD ON during the entire process and DO NOT GET OUT OF THE BASKET until the pilot specifically taps you on the shoulder and tells you to leave.

* Again, always follow the instructions of the crew chief and/ or pilot, Please sign below to Show that you understand that although the balloon company has taken all reasonable precautions to provide an airworthy balloon, equipment and safety preparations for each flight, it is impossible for the balloon company to guarantee your safety and that by agreeing to comply with the instructions and directions of the balloon company and its personnel, before; during and after the flight, you understand that by your actions you share the responsibility of ensuring a safe flight.